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Dreaming about a home

List all the things about your dream home.

Ummm… It’s home. It’s happy.

No, I mean what does I look like.

Ummm… It’s got me and you in it. Maybe a kid. Filled with friends and family from time to time.

Ok. I’m not sure you’re getting this. For instance, I love would love a garden.

Oh. Ok. Ummm. I’m not sure I have a lot to add to this. I’ve never really thought of a home in terms of aspirations. I’ve thought of it as a place of comfort and safety. All I ever wanted in a home when I was a kid.

Oh. I’m not sure where to go from here. I think we need a shared vision of what our home looks like but I don’t really know how to get you there…

My poor husband.

We want to build a life together, but any chat that implies plans longer than a year freaks me out.

Please, don’t misunderstand my reaction. I’m not a commitment phobe to you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to – and have been –  inspired by how you look at life and what it can be. Admittedly, I sometimes get on the ride and know that even if it’s one of those rollercoasters that make my tummy turn, I’ll go on and be safe because I’m with you.

I realise now that this isn’t enough. I want to proactively add to the vision of our life. I want to be the inspirer and the inspired who has a vision of what our life could be.

The weird thing is that I visualise our life during meditation. There is a house. It does have a garden, because we’re in it – happy – with a toddler running to our nieces and the family behind them.

I didn’t really think much beyond that, but when pushed I think I do have some aspirational things I like. These aren’t the things that drive me, but they have started to exist in my mind, the more we talk of what home is made up of.

• Rooms with lots of natural light
• Outdoor space
• A nice power shower, where the water doesn’t go cold
• Stereo sound. Admittedly I didn’t realised I liked this until I started to speak to you about it.
• A tumble dryer. Gosh, how very middle class. Washing is just easier then right?

Maybe there’s more but I’ve not unpicked it.

This list is strange for me though, please remember this.

For me, home will always be where you are, where I am and where happiness lives. If we achieve this then we’ll be living in my dream home. The one we built, not bought.

Mojo&Me xx





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